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Established in 2008, Sunmax Hardware Sdn Bhd is a company committed to providing high-quality furniture accessories. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation in the furniture industry, offering outstanding products and services to our clients.


Sunmax Hardware Sdn Bhd,成立于2008年,是一家致力于提供高品质家具 配件的公司。多年来,我们一直在家具行业树立了良好的声誉,为客户提供出色产品 和服务。

Sunmax Hardware Sdn Bhd

Our Products

At Sunmax Hardware, we offer a wide range of furniture accessories, covering kitchen, bedroom, and various hardware components. Whether you're looking for the perfect elements for home decor or need supplies for home improvement, we have what you need.

Kitchen Supplies :

From handles to hinges, we provide a range of kitchen accessories to meet your kitchen renovation needs.

Bedroom Supplies :

Create a comfortable bedroom environment with options ranging from bed frames to drawer slides.

Hardware Components :

Our hardware components can be used for various purposes, ensuring the success of your home projects.

Door Products :

Our product range also includes aluminum doors, acrylic doors, roller doors, and various sliding door systems, offering diverse choices for your home.

Our Products

Sunmax Hardware, 我们提供各种家具配件,涵盖了厨房、 卧室和各五金配件。 无论您是在寻找家居装饰的完美元素还是 需要进行家居维修, 我们都有您所需的产品。

厨房用品: 从把手到铰链,我们提供一系列厨房配件,以满足您的厨房装修需求。

卧室用品: 打造舒适的卧室环境,从床架到抽屉滑轨,我们提供了各种选择。

五金配件: 我们的五金配件系列可用于多种用途,确保您的家居项目成功完成。

门类产品: 我们的产品还包括铝材门、亚克力门、卷帘门以及各种移门系统, 为您的家居提供多样化的选择。

Wholesale and Retail

Sunmax Hardware welcomes customers of all scales, whether you are a retailer or wholesaler. Committed to quality and excellent service, we strive to meet the needs of every customer.

Whether you're searching for individual furniture accessories or undertaking large-scale home decor projects, Sunmax Hardware is here to provide you with support and solutions.


Sunmax Hardware 欢迎各种规模的客户,无论您是零售商还 是批发商。 我们秉承高质量和卓越服务的理念,努力满足每位客 的需求

无论您是在寻找单一家具配件还是进行大规模家居装饰项目,Sunmax Hardware都愿意为您提供支持和解决方案。

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