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Sunmax Hardware Sdn Bhd, was established in the year 2008, specializing in all kinds of products for furniture hardware & fittings, kitchen cabinet accessories, wardrobe systems & etc. Our store has the one of the widest and most complete range of products. We also provide fast delivery service nationwide, so that you can get your orders in the shortest time.

Sunmax's mission: Providing you with today's styles of the coolest furniture systems at the most affordable prices.

Sunmax Hardware Sdn Bhd,成立于2008年。我们专业于经营各类来自欧洲,亚洲进口的家具五金配件。我们拥有最酷最炫最齐全的铝框玻璃门、各类 橱柜门,卷帘门,各式橱柜衣柜系统,装饰配件、橱柜射灯 、 拉篮、拉手、铰链、抽屉滑轨与各类家具 五金配件等! 我们也提供快捷的全国送货服务,让您能在最短时间,最安心的情况下,收到能为您提高生 活品质的优质产品。

打造高品味,高质量,价格实惠的产品,来帮忙解决您的居家问题是 Sunmax 的使命。

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